Stephanie Upadhyay

hike100 participant

Date completed: 12/6/2021

Home base: Meriden, CT

Miles: Hiked all of the CT NET, Sections 1-21, about 130 miles

What do you love about the NET? I’m extremely grateful to all the people who’ve contributed to creating, maintaining, and enjoying the trail! I love how peaceful the trail is and how it’s home to a lot of different wildlife, even the huge Eastern rat snack that just about made me jump out of my hiking shoes. 

Advice for NET Hikers:

1. Download the All Trails app.
2. Have a hiking buddy.
3. Even better, have a supply/transportation buddy. My husband made many drop-offs, pickups, and even a couple lunch runs to support my point-to-point hiking.
4. Dried mango is a great trail snack.
5. Build in time to enjoy the views!