Bob Melusky

Hike100 Participant

Date completed: 7/20/2021

Miles: I hiked the entire trail in CT, including the side trails, except for some road walk sections. Most were solo hikes, out and back. I recorded all my hikes on Strava.

Base: Manchester, CT

Describe the NET: The CT NET was quite a surprise for the rugged beauty, vista after vista, great ledges, and fascinating geology. All in our backyards. 

What do you love about the NET? The ledges! I love to hike rock ledges. 

Advice for NET hikers: It’s an interesting trail for experienced hikers, with unique traprock ledges and well-suited for beginners with short loops available to get a taste of the trail. There is an active community of enthusiastic hikers that hike year-round to offer advice.

Trail Story: 

At the end of 2020, I started on the NET at Rising Corner in Agawam and headed south. My first goal was to hike the Metacomet Trail, but once I got rolling, I decided to hike as much of the NET as I could in Connecticut. Most of my hikes were solo out-and-back, but I did car spot with a friend a couple of times, plus the side trails had some loop opportunities. I had a great time researching history along the way and taking and posting photos from every hike. I have a great appreciation for the people who donated the land, allowed passage on private property, built the trails, and maintain them to such high standards.

Lars Brown

Hike100 Participant

Date completed: 7/20/2021

Miles: I have hiked just over 200 miles on the NET since 1 Jan. Last year are started keeping track of which sections I’d hiked, all of them out and back – so I hike every section – twice. Now I have only Section 14 to complete so I may soon claim to have hiked all of the MA NET sections. 

Base: Belchertown, MA

Describe the NET: Great trail for section hiking. 

What do you love about the NET? If I start early I can usually have the section I’m hiking to myself. On some sections, you can hike a short distance and be away from the noise of roads and highways.

Advice for NET hikers: Good boots, clean water and rain gear…Take a Hike!

Trail Story: 

At 53 I needed a new hobby – one that I could maintain at my own pace and on my own time. Hiking fits this bill. Almost every weekday morning I walk out my door onto Section 10 and get in 2.5 miles on a loop (not all of it NET).
On the weekends I try to get at least one long hike (> 6 miles) and sometimes 2 hikes logged. As of today, I have logged 450+ miles since 1 Jan and I feel great. I’ve dropped 15 pounds and I sleep, very well these days.
Love my smelly, swampy hiking boots that are now like a pair of slippers.

Deanna Anderson

Hike100 participant

Date completed: 7/10/2021

Miles: I started section one on April 22, 2021. Most of the sections I did as out and back but a few I just did one way. I completed section 12 on July 10, 2021, and logged 106.79 miles. I will continue all the way through MA and then the unofficial NH portion.

Base: Wallingford, CT

Describe the NET: It is a very well marked and at times challenging trail. The views and beauty of the woods are incredible!

Advice for NET hikers: Bring lots of water, wear good shoes and don’t forget snacks!

Trail Story: 

This has been an amazing experience! I’m starting to see CT in a whole new way and I can’t wait to finish the trail. I highly recommend that people complete this challenge in order to have these same experiences.

Gary Metz

Hike50 Participant

Date completed: 6/22/2021

Miles: CT Sections 1-7, CT Section 7 to Godwin campsite, CT Section 15

Base: Norwich, CT

Describe the NET: A challenge well worth taking if you have any affection for the outdoors or a great place to just spend the day if you want to escape the asphalt.

What do you love about the NET? The supertrail feel in a long trail package.

Advice for NET hikers: Do it. Walk a short section if new, then a longer section and possibly a few sections after that but do it! 

Trail Story: 

I started the NET by myself with the intention of section hiking the whole thing and I am making considerable progress. Over the last 2 weekends and some short hikes during the last month I have covered over 50 miles of the trail solo, with My girlfriend Amy and my good friend Allen.
It means a lot to me that there is a place I can be with nature and the trail offers varying difficulties for those that are less experienced the opportunity to get out and hike and more importantly, hike with me!
I pulled my first 18 mile day ever on the 19th and I am looking to get longer distance from here out and will be completing the CT section of the trail, at least, this year.

Photo Source: Gary Metz