Andy Kretschmar

Date completed: 12/31/2022


All 100 points reached through hiking NE trail, mostly sections MA 2-7, with some excursions into CT.

Base: South Hadley, MA

Advice for NET hikers:

Start off as small or as big as you like. There’s something for everybody, and I love it when people are surprised to learn that their favorite hiking spots are actually part of the trail.

Describe the NET: 

The New England Trail is the definition of a hidden gem. It deserves our care, attention, and investment, and I am continuously hopeful and optimistic about its future.

Trail Story:

I moved back to Western MA a year ago–I grew up in Agawam, and spent the last ten years living in South Carolina–and the New England Trail has been a vital part of my life over the last year. I’d be lying if I said that my family’s choice to settle down in South Hadley was not motivated in large part by its proximity to the Mt. Tom and Mt. Holyoke ranges. I take every chance I get to revisit familiar paths, and discover new ones from time to time. The white and blue blazes have become old friends at this point. It’s good to be home!