Kathleen Murphy

Date completed



South Glasatonbury


Starting at Section 6, in January, I hiked the entirety of the NET in MA – all but 4 sections, twice. I pre hiked each section and then lead a group of CT ADK hikers. We just completed Section 19 in August. We loved the trail and got to experience it in a variety of weather and seasons.


Trail Story:

I am a New England girl at heart. I love our area of the world and hiking the New England Trail in MA just reconfirmed my feelings. Experiencing the CT River, the Westfield River, and the MA Turnpike by hiking to/under them instead of driving by/over them offered a closer look at these resources. The ridge lines in southern MA offered beautiful views and excellent hiking. As I moved north, I hiked through areas of the state I never explored before. The trails felt remote and there were ample opportunities to appreciate the New England woodlands. Sharing this hike with fellow CT-ADK members made the trail that much better. Thanks to all the volunteers who keep these trails cleared and beautiful.