Kim Carlino

hike100 participant

Date completed: 12/7/2021

Home base: Northampton, MA

Miles: I have hiked over 500 miles on Mt. Tom this year- section 6 of the New England trail! 

Describe the NET: A scenic and varied trail that has everything! Great vistas, great community of fellow hikers and sub-alpine terrain with opportunity for new hikers to experienced hikers.

What do you love about the NET? I love that it’s in my backyard!

Advice for NET Hikers: Pack your 10 essentials and grab a map and start exploring to see what you discover.

Trail Story: 

Mt. Tom is my daily companion! This year I logged over 500 miles while redlining every trail and criss crossing the NET almost daily. This year I saw a bear for the first time on the trail and a record year for Pink Lady Slippers and Ghost Pipes. I’ve hiked numerous sections of the NET and can’t wait to complete the entire trail.