Maureen, Margaret & Mary Curtiss

Hike50 Participants 

Date completed: 6/8/2021

Miles: We have hiked Section 15 to 9 in CT this year as a trio of sisters. We started in March and finished section 9 last weekend.

Base: Winchester, NH

What do you love about the NET? Solitude and variety, we have seen so many interesting things in the woods, last weekend it was charcoal furnaces in Durham.

Advice for NET hikers: Get out there!

Trail Story: 

What a great adventure — sharing this time out on the trail with my sisters. We hiked all of Massachusettes as a duo last year and this year we are closer to another sister and meet up and have been hiking in CT. We had my niece and another sister join us for the picture above. The whole clan follows our adventures that we post on Facebook.

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