Judy McWilliams

Hike50 Participant

Date completed: 09/16/2021

Miles: I hiked 50 miles on the following Sections: 2, 5, 6, 8,16, 17 MA, and 20 CT. 

Base: Shelburne Falls, MA

Describe the NET: The New England Trail goes from point A to B. Often one needs to carpool to complete a section or reverse the path doing half of it (as in this time of covid). The trails of MA and CT have some wonderful hills, mountains, rock scrambles, flatlands, etc. to meet the hiking abilities of many hikers. 

What do you love about the NET? Every place takes one to beautiful places and views throughout MA and CT with a variety of hiking challenges. 

Trail Story: 

I belong to a number of hiking groups and normally hike only with groups covering lots of Ma and CT lands. I am delighted whenever the leaders have posted one of the New England trails since this is my challenge not theirs. This year I needed to end my challenge early as I am going to California soon. I surprised myself by setting up some private hikes with a few friends on the NET so I could accomplish this challenge before leaving the area and to show them some other beautiful areas. My favorite hike is Section 20 CT – I hiked this area 5 times!