Debra Sayles

Hike50 Participant

Date completed: 09/21/2021

Miles: I hike, I love Farley ledges and Seven Sisters. This is not hard to do!! I did try Section 18 this year. That was new.

Section 17, 18, Long Mt Norwattuck, Seven Sisters, Hermits caves, Mt Grace and little Grace. I doubt I am done for the year. At 64 points that I have remembered to track, but still will find more paces to go.

Base: Worcester, MA

Advice for NET Hikers: Start with some recommended trails and branch out from there. 

Trail Story: 

Farley Ledges and Hermit Caves. We were at the trailhead and the neighbor engaged us in conversation. I hope I relay this accurately. His family has a history of giving back. His property borders a very popular spot. In an effort to preserve his and the other neighbor’s property AND allow people like us to enjoy the wonderful area these property owners worked with officials to set up a small parking area (on their property) and sign up the trails. Sometimes you hike and wonder “who set this up?” In this case, I met the who. And I am grateful to him and everyone else that helps make trails available to us all.