Jordan Marchand

Hike100 participant

Date Completed: 6/4/2022


Home Base: Lowell, MA


Miles: 235 miles


What do you love about the NET?


It’s close to home and I had a support system to meet me in 2 towns to help me get a shower and resupply!


Trail Story: 

It was really fun, and I was pleasantly surprised with the beauty of it. I thru hiked the AT last year and was really itching to do another thru hike, and it made so much sense to choose the NET since it’s right in my backyard. I didn’t expect incredible sweeping mountainous views like on the AT in NC or NH/ME, and honestly thought the entire trail would likely be in the green tunnel. I loved popping out of the woods every so often to small viewpoints that I think showcased some of the hidden beauty that CT has to offer. I set out with the intent of challenging myself to see how quick I could complete it, and ended up completing it in roughly 7 days (two half days and six full days).