Alex Chicoine

hike50 participant

Date completed: 12/27/2022

Miles: 53.1 miles

4-10-22 Talcott Mtn sec 17 5.6 miles

4-17-22 Castle Craig sec 14 7 miles

5-29-22 Lamentation Mtn sec 13 5 miles

7-3-33 Rattlesnake Mtn sec 16 6.5 miles

10-30-22 Lamentation Mtn sec 13 5.6 miles

11-20-22 Pinnacle sec 16 4.7 miles

11-26-22 Talcott Mtn sec 17 6.5 miles

12-18-22 Bluff Head sec 9 5.8 miles

12-27-22 Mt Pisgah sec 9 6.4 miles


Base: Oakville, CT

What do you love about the NET?

The proximity to where I live, and there are some more challenging parts of it. I like looking up the history of the places near where I hike

Advice for NET Hikers:

Just get out and explore. There’s a hike for everyone.


How would you describe the New England Trail to someone who has never hiked it?

There’s a little bit of everything. deep woods where you feel like you’re in a wilderness and then a few miles later you’re overlooking a city or highway.

Trail Story:

I just had a fun time with my dog exploring more local hikes. I tried taking her to some new places and found some fun new ones for myself!