Susan & Stephen Bukowsky

Hike100 participants

Date completed: 10/28/2021

Home base: Clinton, CT

Miles: We have hiked Guilford Section 2 numerous times but are trying to complete the whole New England Trail. We have completed from Ct Section 1 to MA Section 14. Doing it in Sections. Just completed MA 12,13 &14 on Thursday. 

What do you love about the NET?  The diversity of the trail keeps it interesting and there are always new discoveries to be made on every hike.

Advice for NET Hikers: If you are new to hiking, start slowly and within 2 weeks, you’ll be ready for the more challenging hikes. Remember there is an end to all hills!

Trail Story: 

I am enjoying this exciting experience with my son who started me on this adventure. As a hiking retiree, I am now in better physical condition than all of my friends. Hiking the New England Trail has challenged me to push beyond what I thought I could do. We just finished a 3 section 15 mile hike which is my personal best. The views from Holyoke Range are spectacular but I also enjoy the peacefulness of the forest hikes.