Susan and Brian Kenney

hike50 participants

Date completed: 7/11/2022

Miles: 52.59 miles

East River Preserve – 6.03 miles, CT NET: Section 7 – 7.2 miles, CT NET: Section 8 – 8.1 miles, Mt. Higby – 4.52 miles, , Mt Norwottock – 4.25 miles, Rattlesnake Mtn/Pinnacle Rock – 4.91 miles, CT NET: Section 9 – 6 miles, CT NET: Section 1 – 6.58 miles, Erving Ledges/Hermit Mtn – 5 miles

Base: Somerset, MA

Describe the NET: 

The New England Trail is a wonderful trail system that encompasses Connecticut, Massachusetts and part of New Hampshire.  It takes you on a journey where you will see such amazing features as caves, glacial erratics, ledges, waterfalls, wildlife and different species of plants and trees.  The best part is that you can do all or part of any trail and feel a deep sense of accomplishment.

What do you love about the NET?

What I love most is that you can do any number of hikes in both Connecticut and Massachusetts and they aren’t located in just one state.  This allows you to visit new and exciting places that you never knew existed.


Advice for NET Hikers:

Set a destination, lace up your hiking boots, grab a walking stick, snacks and lots of water and head out the door to begin your adventure.  It only takes a few steps into the fresh air to see all the wonders and beauty each trail has to offer.  You will definitely be hooked!

Trail Story:

This was our first time participating in the Hike 50 Challenge and it was such an amazing journey.  Each trail offered us the opportunity to take a step back in time to a simpler way of life and to be aware of the sights and sounds around us.  We all need a bit of peace and tranquility in our lives and this challenge is a good way to achieve this.   We truly enjoyed all the trails we hiked and our thanks go out to all who made this hiking challenge possible.