Steve Sussman

hike100 participant

Date completed: 12/15/2021

Home base: Feeding Hills, MA

Miles: I used a spreadsheet to record over 100 miles of hikes on the trail, covering Mass sections 1-8. Obviously, I repeated some of the sections often. Here is a summary:

Date Section Mileage
26-Feb 2 (one way) 3.8
9-Mar 2 (one way) 3.8
30-Mar 1 (partial) & 2 6.1
17-Apr 7 (partial) 5.4
24-Apr 2 (out & back) 7.6
27-Apr 6 (partial) 5
2-May 3 and 4 (one way) 7.5
6-May 6 (partial) 5.1
11-May 1 (partial) 2
16-May 5 (one way) 4.5
19-May 8 (partial) 4.26
3-Jun 7 (partial) 6.96
11-Jun 6 (one way) 6.8
31-Jul 1 and 2 (one way) 6
10-Oct 7 (partial) 2.8
17-Oct 7 (partial) 5.4
8-Nov 6 (partial) 4.66
30-Nov 2 (partial 2 way) 4
4-Dec 2 (partial 2 way) 6
14-Dec 2 (partial 2 way) 6

TOTAL 103.68

Describe the NET: It is a highly varied trail that can be enjoyed by folks of all abilities. For instance, MA Section 1 is a gentle trail with inclines that are very doable, and it even has a fun handicapped access to a bridge over wetlands starting at the southern terminus. Contrast that with Sections 6 and 7, with lots of ups and downs, scrambling, and outstanding views to the west.

It is a Western New England gem.

What do you love about the NET? So close, but still woods, wildlife, and wonders.

Advice for NET Hikers: Go to the interactive map and click sections, so that you can select pages with info about each section (difficulty, parking, etc)

Trail Story: 

It is so wonderful to have this exciting, varied trail in our own backyard. I have hiked with friends and alone over the years, and it was fun to record the hikes. Even though I had to take a couple of breaks because of family health issues, I was surprised how the miles added up. This year, we hiked sections 3, 4, and 5 for the first time, and it was exciting to see new territory.

Thanks to all who maintain the trail sections, and to the folks who develop programs like the Hike 100 Challenge.