Paul, Eva, Levi, & Alan Schned

Hike100 participants

Date completed: 12/2/2021

Home base: Avon, CT

Miles: The vast majority of our hiking has taken place in Connecticut. I live within 1 mile of the NET and we frequently hike within the Avon/Farmington/Simsbury area. That said, we have hiked multiple sections within Massachusetts and the majority of the trail within Connecticut this past year. We are well over 100 miles of hiking (and trail running) this year.

Describe the NET: A well-marked, well-maintained easily accessible intra-state hiking trail.

What do you love about the NET? The accessibility of the trail- I am spoiled by living within 1 mile of the trail.

Advice for NET Hikers: Full send! The trail offers a little bit for everyone- there’s flat, steep, and everything in between sections. 

Trail Story: 

The NET has been my family’s #1 activity during COVID. I live in Connecticut and my parents live in Vermont and we have made regular trips to various sections of the Massachusetts trail which is approximately halfway between our two homes. We have also begun slowly piece-meal hiking the entire NET within Connecticut and came close to completing the entire trail within the state this past year. We also frequently hike the trail over and over again near our house- as we are fortunate to live within 1 mile of trail in Avon/Farmington, CT.