Kevin Hodlin

hike100 participant

Date completed: 12/31/2022

Miles:  109.8 miles

Base: Southington, CT

Describe the NET: 

What do you love about the NET?

How close it is to home, easy to access and not overcrowded except the usual small hikes to the big views in nice weather…

How would you describe the New England Trail to someone who has never hiked it?

It’s a nice scenic trail especially considering a lot of the area it goes through and the population surrounding it. It’s also some good hiking for what you might expect to see in this area without too much elevation around.


Trail Story: 

It’s become more of making sure I get enough NET miles and on time rather then surprising myself, as 100 isn’t too many for me for the year. The challenge is more getting the 100 in but keeping things fresh and repeating as little trail as possible. What meant a lot to me this year is the new reroute to the Westfield River and the fact that the trail is brought right to the river crossing like it should be and always was.