Dan & Nancy Coffey

hike100 participants

Date completed: 12/2/2021

Home base: Westfield, MA

Miles: We’ve hiked many sections of the trail this year but in September we decided to section hike the full trail in CT. Last year we hiked all of MA. To date we have completed all of the southern trail to just past Ragged Mountain (including the northwest spur to the CT river). We may complete the remainder this year but I didn’t want to forget to submit the entry.

Describe the NET: A very diverse trail.

What do you love about the NET? To start, it’s close by and easy to get to, and within a short distance, we can pick a different section depending on the time we have and the challenge we are looking for.

Trail Story: 

We found many “hidden” treasures in this section of the trail and got to appreciate just walking in the woods and paying attention to the surroundings versus trying to reach a peak or a special view. One day I just took pictures of the different varieties of mushrooms we came across, I took at least 100 pictures.