Craig Bowen

Hike100 participant

Date completed: 11/14/2021

Home base: Pascoag, RI

Miles: I hiked CT sections 14, 15, 17, and 18 all as out and backs except section 14 which I made a loop. Also, I hiked MA sections 1 through 8 as out and back hikes on each section. So, the total came out around 120 miles excluding my off-trail wanderings.

Describe the NET: When I was young, more than 40 years ago, I considered the only real hiking was to travel to the White Mountains. I never knew such great trails existed so close by (we had no internet then). I missed years of great hiking that was so close and offers challenges for all different levels of hiking. I would say to anyone just get out and see for yourself.

What do you love about the NET?  One thing I think is interesting is that if you start from the most southern point and work your way north, the challenges will increase and will mirror improvements in your own hiking ability, confidence, and physical condition.

Trail Story: 

I have always loved the Connecticut section of the NET along the Metacomet Ridge. How could I not love Castle Craig! Ragged Mountain Preserve has been my all-time favorite area with beautiful views from the cliff sections. But, recently I added sections in Massachusetts and the Mt Tom area is now a close second as my favorite area. The area of the 7 sisters is also beautiful but doing those sections twice was a very tough hike and it did surprise me that I completed that hike!