Amanda Barrow & Carl Clements

Hike100 Participants

Date completed: 10/04/2021

Base: Easthampton, MA

Miles: January 2021 = MASSACHUSETTS ONLY section 1, 2, part of 6, 8 9…..24.8 miles
Feb 2021 = section 10, 11, part of 6 many times…..14. 5
March = parts of 6 many many times (we live VERY close to Mt Tom!!) ….21 miles
April = parts of section 6, 11, 13…..24 miles
May = section 14, 12 small section, 15, 5……..12.5 miles
Sept = section 6 entire ridge Mt Tom……4 miles
October = section 7 Bare Mountain…. 5 miles (and October just began!)

TOTAL MILES 105.8 so far and we still have two months to go! Yippeeee

How would you describe the NET? Absolutely Varied and Gorgeous = the New England Trail, a real gem, worth fighting for and hiking on.


Trail Story: 

We absolutely LOVED section #15 in MA…it was so gorgeous! Lots of water, ponds, birdlife, interesting terrain. We want to go back and swim in Wendell State Forest. A gem! We didn’t even know anything about this area, we love it!

What do you love about the NET? I love all of the birds that we see and wildflowers. I always learn something new on the trail, so lucky to be able to experience it.

Advice for NET Hikers: Go at your own pace, always. Enjoy the journey, and keep exploring!