Recreation Impact Monitoring System (RIMS)


Trail reports for the NET

Downed tree? Broken bridge? Flooded trail? Report your issue to help us fix it! 

The NET uses RIMS to collect data on trail conditions and issues as well as broader trends. The free app does require a short online training, but it is easy to use and provides trail directors with detailed assessments including exact location, relevant details and photos. Of course, you can always send reports on our Report a Trail Issue page too. 


The Colorado Mountain Club launched the RIMS program in 2019 to help land managers collect and utilize crowdsourced data to understand better and address critical issues related to recreation and natural resources. RIMS is in use on multiple National Trails and other public lands across the country.

women looking at app on phone with canyon in background

Getting started with RIMS

User can get started with RIMS in three easy steps: 

  1. Download the RIMS app, and sign up for a free account
  2. Take the online RIMS training (20min video)
  3. Take the online quiz
  4. When you pass the quiz, enter the email address you used for your RIMS account

That’s it! Your account will be updated within 48hrs and you’ll be ready to submit reports. 

If you have specific troubleshooting questions, feel free to reach out to us at and the NET team can help answer questions.

Naming an Assessment

When submitting an assessment in RIMS remember you’ll be asked to enter the “Location Name.” Please enter “NET” plus the trail section you’re on such as:

NET MA-18 

Any variety of section listing is fine, such as CT-03 or CT3 as long as NET and the section are in the “Location Name” we will be able to find the assessment. 

How We Use Your Assessments

As long as you have synced your assessments and your GPS point is close to the trail, the Trail Staff will receive your report and pass it on to the relevant trail managers, adopters, or volunteers. Do not worry if you don’t see immediate work, trail work and maintenance takes time!

Trail section numbers can be found on the Interactive Map.