Trail Managers & Adopters

Damon Douglas clears new trail in recent relocation.
Damon Douglas clears new trail in recent relocation.

Trail Managers & Adopters are a core group of volunteers who donate countless hours to the monitoring and maintenance of the NET.  They are our on-the-ground responders to trail problems and are the ones you can thank when blazes are refreshed, a bridge is built or signs are installed.  Our trail volunteers are a diverse group, ranging from retirees, college and university outing clubs, friends' groups, and landowners. 

Trail Adoption occurs when an individual or group takes on responsibility for a specific trail section.  These stewards work closely with CFPA or AMC staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable recreational experience. 

If you are interested in becoming involved as a NET Manager or Adopter, please contact:

Massachusetts:                                                                      Connecticut:      
Bridget Likely                                                                        Clare Cain
AMC NET Trail Coordinator                                             CFPA Trail Stewardship Director

Volunteer Reporting (MA)       Volunteer Reporting (CT)                                            

*Trail Adopters can discuss topics on our forum, and report trail work with our online reporting form. You must be logged in as a Trail Volunteer to do either.

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