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  • MA Map & Guide Hike #1: Royalston Falls

    Northern Massachusetts

    Royalston, MA

    1.6 miles

    340 ft.

    NET Map & Guide Suggested Hike: The trail reaches Falls Brook and a camping shelter in about 15 min, and dramatic views of Royalston Falls and a high rocky gorge in about 40 min. An excellent hike for families, geologists, and long-distance hikers.

  • MA Map & Guide Suggested Hike # 3: Erving Ledges-Hermit Mountain

    Northern Massachusetts

    Erving, MA

    4.8 miles

    1020 ft.

    NET Map & Guide Suggested Hike: This moderately difficult hike traverses the rugged Millers River Valley. There is a high seasonal waterfall in 15 min, and at roughly 1 hr a side loop leads to a rock cave and ledges with a great panoramic view.

  • MA Map & Guide Hike #5: Mount Lincoln

    Central Massachusetts

    Pelham, MA

    7.0 miles

    350 ft

    NET Map & Guide Suggested Hike: This trail follows a recently rerouted segment of the NET past cascading streams and stone walls to the summit of 1,240-foot Mt Lincoln in the Pelham Hills. Watch for migratory songbirds and wildflowers such as painted trillium in spring.

  • MA Map & Guide Hike #6: Mount Norwottuck Loop

    Central Massachusetts

    Granby, Amherst, MA

    3.4 miles

    +680 ft.

    NET Map & Guide Suggested Hike: The trail leads to excellent views from the 1,106-foot summit of Mt. Norwottock, the highest peak of the Holyoke Range, in roughly 50 minutes, and the Horse Caves, which were reputedly used as a hideout during Shays’ Rebellion, in another 20 minutes.

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