Trail Conditions

The conditions and status of the trail are never fixed.  This is where you can find information about trail relocations and closures (both permanent and temporary).

We greatly appreciate your feedback, so If you see a problem while on your hike, please report it here.  

Conditions for MA are posted below.  Click here to see trail conditions in CT.

MA Section 9 (Belchertown) - Please be aware of recent logging activity south of Bay Road. Approximately 500 ft of the trail passes through the logged area. All cutting is completed but trail may be hard to follow. Our maintainers will be clearing and re-blazing soon. 

MA Section 12 (Pelham, Quabbin Reservoir) - Please be aware of a current logging operation occurring near the trail along Route 202. Removal of hazard trees along the trail has removed some blazes and the combination of slash and storm damage has created some minor trail obstructions. Repairs will be made upon completion of the harvest. In the meantime, please stay on the trail when possible and adhere to all signage. 

PARKING Section 16 (Erving) - Please be aware that parking is now prohibited on the south side of Bridge St. including the pullout, per landowner request.

MA Section 18 (Royalston) - Please be aware of a recent logging operation crossing the trail 0.25-1.0 mi southbound from Rt. 32. The logging has removed several trees and disturbed the trail treadway. The trail is clear to hike but is in need of repair.